I was thinking about the idea of Luxury and elements that are superfluous or in addition to those necessary. So I have used an extravagant typeface as well as adding extra curves and length to attempt to encapsulate these ideas.




The Nightingale Singers is a new London Chamber Choir, as they focus on music starting from the Renaissance period I decided to use some classic typefaces to reflect their genre. The illustration gives the logo and the Choir a bit more of an up-to-date look giving the overall logo a balanced contrast.



South of Broadway are a Jazz vocal group so I wanted the logo to be able to work with vibrant colours as well as darker/black and white. The logo had to have stand-out on small format and large format artwork so detail was kept simple.






The Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra (MCO) was created by conductor Adam Balkwill and was formed in February 2010 to provide orchestral and solo opportunities for students from the London conservatoires. With this in mind I wanted to create a logo that touched on the classical and youth characteristics, the idea of old and new.



A company that curates exhibitions in gastro pubs and bars for up and coming artists. The relaxed social atmosphere of their venues is reflected by the hand drawn type, along with the paint splashes gives it an artisan feel.


Superfly Superfood is a baking company that specialises in organic cakes suitable for any diet. For the design of the logo I looked into the finishing of cake baking, trying to visualise the icing and the use of a pallet knife within the typography. The result is that of a luscious effect which is helped by the use of chocolate colours.  


A logo for a creative, innovative, slightly rough round the edges kind of church. I took inspiration from the 1968 Parisian student riot posters, as the aesthetic was distressed due to the printing methods and - of course - the association with a factory.



Two carpenters who undertake almost all projects.

The line drawings stem from initial sketches of the day-to-day work they undertake, the hand-drawn approach reflected a bespoke and friendly image, and the colours were a reference to woods they use.



An advice service for start-up companies as-well-as exisiting companies to help them grow.





The arrow is representative of the help and influence the service provides to aid businesses in their growth.






A textile designer specializing in embroidery and bead work, creating bespoke pieces for theatre, film or the individual.



The association with the flower was important, yet she wanted a modern, stylized approach.


A young start up plumber wanted a friendly approachable logo.



A traditional approach for a textile designer - I took influence from several Cello string cases.