I find myself making a lot of cards for every occasion. So as time goes on you can find a card to download that may be appropriate, it also acts as a kind of a card diary through the year, enjoy.

To download your FREE card, just click on the pdf link.

• Each card contains an envelope. Simply print out the pdf on A3 paper at actual size and use the cutter guides to cut, score, fold and stick

• Try doubling up the paper on the card to make sure it remains standing

• The colours will vary depending on the printer you use






  A symetrical doodle used as a test


  Matt's Birthday 2009 reversed. The card was printed on gold paper with black detail.

A cousins birthday card taken from a idea stage from a project

  Whilst making one suitable for female's I made a male version

I made this off the back of some Christmas wrapping paper and have used it for quite a few occasions, handy an

  A get well soon card for a friend who cracked a rib snowboarding

  An alternative to the get well soon card

Friends engagement card

Future Father-in-law's birthday card

Ozzy friends birthday

Mother's Day!

A 1st Birthday

George's Birthday on St.George's Day

Mother's Day